Some points about Charlie.

Some points about Charlie.

Dear friend.

Sorry for bothering you once more time.

I am Ton Phi, will start Computer science on November 2021.

I and friends, such as Richard Asante in Ghana, established the Charlie Computer Group in the previous month, September 2021. (We are trying in registering the legal with Vietnamese government).


I have just created the website a few days ago:


We also create the English class and invite teachers to teach pupil in Vietnam.

(Some salary for teachers are delayed due to unexpected reason. Please keep in touch).


We also sell the computer. Only in Vietnam. We can not send computer to other country because the shipping fee is higher than the price of computer.



We also published our book on Amazon. You can visit our book here:


Now Charlie is poor. But the future of Charlie computer group is bright.

Can you help me to bloom it up?

Visit our website (simple one) for more imformation.

Thank you very much,

Ton Phi.


Whatsapp: +84344331741

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