Computer store Charlie is looking for information technology experts.

Photo: A worker repairing, checking and maintaining computers at Charlie Saigon Computer Shop is working.
Computer shop Charlie is newly established and needs to recruit some staff working in the information technology field.

You can be a full-time degree holder, or self-taught. In all cases, we pay you according to ability and contribution.

As long as you see this post, it means we are still recruiting. The longer you work and stick with Charlie, the higher your salary will be.

Our principle is: give employees a minimum hard salary (from 1 usd/month or more) and also let employees eat by product (about 5% to 20% profit per machine). for sale, subject to contribution, on behalf of the Charlie Computer Store business).

Conditions: Honesty, enthusiasm. Off Saturday and Sunday.

You will receive preliminary training, for about 2 weeks, and then sell your first computer.

If that’s you, get in touch with us.


Or fill out the following form:

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