Online banking project for students.

Illustration: The bank lends money to students in the future. Photo copyright: Photographer: Jean Chung/Bloomberg

Ladies and gentlemen,
To help students in need,
Families with children who do well in school but cannot go to school.
Construction engineer Nguyen Huu Quy in Dak Lak and young friends opened an online banking project for students: Bank of Students.

Idea generator and project director: Mr. Nguyen Huu Quy, born in 1960, has 30 years of prestige in the construction industry in Dak Lak province.

Representative of the bank’s management board: construction engineer Nguyen Huu Quy.

Director of the bank: Mr.Nguyen Huu Quy

Representative of the bank’s management board: construction engineer Nguyen Huu Quy.

The Student Bank will store its reserves in strongly backed currencies such as the US dollar and the British pound. Somehow, we will send to the student’s domestic Vietnamese bank account, if the application is approved.

Before receiving money, students and parents will make a commitment, to pay back to the student bank every 1% of your salary and profits. Until you pay all the capital and interest to the bank at the market price.

The project is supported by domestic and foreign professors. This project lasts 20 years, with the philosophy: investing in people will definitely pay off someday in the future. In case of emergency, foreign students can also be approved for a loan.

The banking is online, using the PayPal insured computing platform. Paypal is software covered by Jewish engineers. Paypal has very high security and accuracy. Domestic banks that lose money from customers do not pay, but foreign banks like Paypal, if they lose money from customers, will pay 100%. So far, Paypal has been legal globally. Download and register a free Paypal account on Appstore and CH play.

There is no cost to rent premises, so Bank of Students will save labor costs and management costs. We don’t need to use law enforcement to collect debt like traditional banks today, because we have no bad debt.

This project is new to the pilot and has been successful on a number of students. The Board of Directors hopes to succeed as expected. It was successful in theory. If really successful, we will expand to the next audience, workers in industrial zones.

Main sponsor: Mr. Ton Phi, the author of the best-selling philosophy books on Amazon. (Go to and type the keyword “Le Minh Ton”.)

Bank of the Students: For a prosperous Vietnam in the future.
Best regards,
Nguyen Huu Quy.
Dak Lak October 13, 2021
Representative of the Board of Management of the Bank: (meet with engineer Nguyen Huu Quy-Dak Lak).

Legal representative: Mr. Ton Phi-Saigon, author of the famous book The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism published on Amazon. Phone: 034331741

Main sponsor: Charlie Saigon Computer-Book Store.

Those of you who have graduated from university, college or high school, want to apply for a job in the bank, please send your CV to the email address:

Other students can also send a resume, along with the number of years of work experience, to be counted as equivalent to a degree. Job requirements are honest and creative. In particular, the Bank of the Students purchases creative products for Vietnamese students.

Become a shareholder of the project with only 1 usd:

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