Mohamed Salah, the man who brought the European trophies to Liverpool.

Written for the fans of the port city Liverpool team.

Last night, October 24, 2021, MU lost 0-5 to Liverpool at Old Traford’s home ground.

In the history of the English Premier League, since the name was changed to English Barclays Premier League, there has never been a midfielder as good as Paul Scholes. In the shirt of Manchester United, Paul Scholes won all kinds of trophies. People compare a MU with Paul Scholes with a MU without Paul Scholes. A MU with Paul Scholes plays with aristocratic spirit, a MU without Paul Scholes plays sporadically. Bruno Fernandez is too overhyped, not suitable for brainstorming tasks, meeting super strong teams, called Super Sunday. Paul Pogba is like a Gypsy who kicks football like an alcoholic, good game, bad game. Last night, Paul Pogba showed a red card. Of course, not because of this red card that MU lost, before MU had conceded 3 goals.

Even as brave as Liverpool’s Steven Gerard or as persistent as Chelsea’s Frank Lampard are not equal to Paul Scholes in the ability to regulate the game. Paul Scholes has no outstanding talent, but Paul Scholes’ synthesis is very good.

Striker Mohamed Salah is a one-season striker, while playing for Chelsea, As Roma. Bright colors later, in the new team, he played badly. Liverpool’s doctor of mathematical physics saw his potential and brought him to Anfield for a very cheap price. Now, Salah has been valued at over £200 million, the most expensive coin in the world.

Liverpool is an empire. The Titanic left the wreck of Liverpool on its maiden voyage. Today, the port of Liverpool is still the busiest port in the world. I have Lan Huong, a friend who studied in England, every time I go out to the south of England, I have to visit the port of Liverpool.

MU should not buy Christiano Ronaldo as a player. So let him go back to be an assistant coach. Ronaldo’s reputation encourages young people, not competing for the place of young people like now. MU certainly does not have an Egyptian pharaoh like Mohamed Salah. Salah is an extremely rare phenomenon of world football. Salah’s movement is like an eel out of his hand, there is no way to stop it. Messi also has Nesta of AC Milan to turn off the power. Ronaldo met the German defense, he also shut up. As for Salah, until now the opponent defenders have not thought of a way to prevent it.

Not to mention, computers do the work for people. Liverpool was the first team in England to use computers to play cards, choose the appropriate play style before facing each opponent. Humans cannot calculate quickly and accurately by machine. This is the reason why Liverpool completely crushed MU last night. Liverpool gave MU a shock blow, MU was demolished mentally, could not raise his head anymore. Liverpool played with aristocratic spirit and won the award for the most polite football team in England. MU many tricks, many tricks should hold the trophy under Alex Ferguson. Nowadays, with computers coming into play, Jurgen Klopp directs his students to kick like practice kicks and also win against other teams. Chelsea just won the Champions League, was crushed by Liverpool right at Stanford Bridge, fortunately they were able to equalize. The whole 19-team English Premier League has not yet thought of a way to deal with Liverpool. Not to mention, in terms of every person, Liverpool have a squad that destroys Europe, just like their golden generation in the 1970s.

Speaking of outstanding individuals, we have to talk about Salah. With Salah, Liverpool won a Champions League trophy after 14 years of waiting (2005-2019), the English Premier League cup after 30 years of waiting (1980-2020). In 2021, Liverpool should have returned to the enemy, but had an injury storm. In this 2022, there is no need to argue for any more work, Liverpool will win the championship again.

Not to mention in the defense, there is Dutch defender Virgil Vandijk, looking like a Cherubim, everyone is afraid, no one dares to overcome.

In the wooden frame, goalkeeper Alisson Becker Ronaldo is in the wooden frame. He was voted the best goalkeeper in the world for the 2019-2020 season. In general, Liverpool’s squad is full of outstanding stars.

Back in Da Lat, my group of friends met some of Salah’s childhood friends who went to Vietnam to play. They were in Da Lat for a few days when there was a Covid epidemic. My brother let me stay in a friendly match with these guys. After the translation, they fled to Egypt. Fortunately, I came back in time, I promised to go to Da Lat to continue playing.

Saigon, October 25, 2021.
Ton Phi.

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