Bank cheating on the Internet

Written by Ton Phi, Vietnam

Below are people who want to cheat you. Many kind of them below.

They will ask for your details. And you will sign in a contract and then you borrow them a lot of money.

Please don’t aswer them if you do not understand the problems carefully.


  1. Thank you for your email and I want you to know that everything I have told you is 100% safe and I want you to trust me as I trust you because we cannot do this with confidence, I would like to provide you with information, which will be added as soon as I receive the right person.
    Hi, I think I’ll do my best to get you a box. We pass on your data to the courier and freight services of the national and international security company (AirGate Ltd) … and this is the case. You will be notified as soon as possible of the date of entry and the date of entry, which will cover the port of entry in the field.

    Mark the box as a diplomatic package and the series has entered your port. From this example, here agent, I disguised myself in all the pawnshops that Africa is currently creating in the African Sea in Lomé Togo before I set foot in any world.

    I have a quick service to receive packages 2-3 days after the party. You have a package for your staff that ends for you.

    I want you to contact the security company at the end of your email address for proper identification. You can use the contact details of the security company;

    email address,
    Phone number + 228-98 283326
    Fax, … + 228-9954 64-97
    To conclude … 1381, Rue De Entiente Lomé Togo
    Contact person Micheal, Johnson

    You will receive information about your company as soon as possible, but you will be notified in writing to your e-mail address and your information and security code. But more is possible. The reference number is FS645XQ2, which was not registered. This is the importer or carrier whose country is specific and required and who will give you the security code on the package.

    Therefore, I want to confirm that we are already in the current final position, that there is always added value in our line, for which there is a lot of money on the way or it is always important. Learn from yourself and from those who try to stop us in advance, otherwise this can be solved with the success of this business.

    It should be noted that such information will be provided to the security company, and the amount of communication will be provided to you as soon as possible, and you will be the owner and destination of the reference as soon as possible. voice

    Thank you for your cooperation, I need to see a smile with a voice and water in your sincerity. The security activities of the company cannot be recommended, so I want to take care of what I want to enter.
    Have a nicer and nicer day.
    Love Min Kim Kang


  2. Western Union is available

    Pick Up Available

    Western Union Money Transfer, in conjunction with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Reconciliation Committee had agreed to pay you total amount of $300,000.00 USD compensation fund.

    The compensation fund had been signed to be paid to you for all the money you have lost to scammers and through internet banking frauds. Your name appeared on our payment schedule list of beneficiaries that will receive their funds in this 2nd quarter payment of the year according to our banking regulation. We apologize for the delay of your payment. The sum of $3,000.00 USD or its equivalent in your local currency will be transferred to you via WU every day until all the $300,000.00 USD is sent across to you.

    We have registered your first payment of $3,000.00 USD online through Western Union Money Transfer. Just confirm your first payment with below instruction, Open this website: , then click “Track Transfer”, for you to see the status of the transaction online.

    As soon you open the website, enter this tracking number (MTCN): (7428735660) As soon you enter the tracking number click “Track Transfer” to confirm by yourself.
    MTCN: (7428735660)
    Sender Names: Igbo Ekene Christian,
    Sender City: Ouagadougou,
    Sender Country : Burkina Faso.
    Amount sent: $3,000 USD.

    Western Union is valid but the money is BLOCKED by the Western Union Headquarters, because of non-payment of Government Tax. WU says until the Tax is paid, you cannot collect the money.

    The Ministry of Taxation said the tax is $ 97.00 USD. As soon as the tax is paid, they will instruct the WU headquarters to unblock the transaction, so that you could be able to receive the money there. So you are to send the $97.00 USD for the tax.


    Make the payment through Western Union or Moneygarm or Ria with the below information

    Receiver Names: Igbo Ekene Christian,
    receiver City: Ouagadougou,
    receiver Country : Burkina Faso.
    Amount sent: $97.00 USD.

    Address Immeuble des Nations Unies Bureau 538 01 BP 575. Ouagadougou BURKINA FASO.


    And you will have Access to reactive your fist payment of $3000usd immediately, please after the payment forward the payment invoice to the western union office email director



    Email :(

    Tel: +22667112712

    Director Dr I. C. Ekene

    Address 8FGW+X99, Patte d´oie, Ouagadougou Burkina Faso


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