New Live publishing house, a miracle story.

Figure 1. Mr. Ton Phi, general director of New Live publishing house in Vietnam. Contact: Phone, Whatsapp, Signal: +84344331741.

New Living Publisher, a magical story. It is a venue for exchanging findings that is dedicated for giving and receiving exchangable living values to maintain both life perspectives and spiritual perspectives. We pay more attention to life perspectives. Nearly 1 million books of Mr. Ton Phi have reached children in remote areas. And we are getting close to the distribution of 3 million books. Many foreign readers also love our books.

Figure 2. A customer is holding The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism by Ton Phi.

It is our honor to be entrusted by the authors with the role of disserminating their manuscripts, their brainchildren, to the world. We sell books at any price to anyone who loves books. As long as the books of the highest level are published, it does not matter whether such books are prepaid or paid later.

Figure 3.  Cover image of the Analysis of Tales of Kieu by Ton Phi.

Life is a fight. La vie c’est un combat. We are the soldiers fighting for the civilization and serving the Vietnamese mainstream.

The Vietnamese mainstream, also known as Vietnamese philosophy or Tranquillity Philosophy, has remained with the country for thousands of years. It is stated in a book that Vietnamese philosophy is over 12 000 years old.

Philosopher Luong Kim Dinh, a former professor of philosophy at the Faculty of Literature of Saigon University, recovered the Vietnamese philosophy for the Vietnamese people. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Philosopher Kim Dinh, Vietnam’s great guru.


Figure 4.  Illustration: Mr. Charlie and Mrs. Charlie. The photo was taken when they were students at Saigon University, Viet Nam in 2016.

On New Year’s Eve 2022 (January 1, 2022), journalist Nguyen Duc, who protected Ho Duy Hai, a prisoner under death sentence, sent 1,000,000 VND to New Live Publishing House. We used that donation of 1 million dong to support a student to afford his accommodation in Saigon like a bank. Charlie bank gives loans first and gets them back later. Every day, we sold books. Money in and money out.

New Living Publisher is a private publisher. With only two employees, we have published and distributed both electronic and printed publications all over the world. You can also do the same.

New Living Publisher, a miracle story.

Figure 5. Boss Phi and a beautiful and generous staff of New Live Publishing House – Charlie Publishing Corporation in Highlands coffee shop. District 7.

Last month, one day, my secretary and I wrote a very good book. We posted it online and put its printed publications in self-service stores for sale. Whoever buys it will take it and pay. After finishing that work, she and I went for a walk to get some exercise. And when we came back after 30 minuyes and checked the auto statistical system, there were 3000 downloads and 1000 payments. The balance in my bank account increased by 200 million dong (while the salary of the national president is only 40 million dong), which means my friend and I made 200 million dong within only one morning just by selling PDF books.

I told readers that they could pay whenever they want and it was not required to complete payment instantly. However, they still paid.

In the afternoon of the same day, a kindergarten asked us for a donation of 150 million dong. We felt good and donated all.

Figure 6. Philosopher, capitalist Ton Phi in a coffee shop, with his cousin. They are both work for New Live Publishing House.

The team working for New Live Publishing House all come from rich families and receive great education. Therefore, they mostly work to fulfill their passion and do not care whether they get paid or not. As a boss, I am happy even if I only make 300 thousand dong per days. I do not need to make a lot of money.

Engineer Do Nhu Ly, a very old man, ordered our book and was shown this amazing profit margin ratio. He said that our Ton Phi is a great inventor of the twenty-first century.

You are welcome to download the books from New Live Publishing House. The average price of a PDF book is 250, 000 VND and that of a printed version is 400 000 VND. Beneficiary bank account number: 142720499, at ACB bank, account holder: Ton Phi. The books can be read on tablets, laptops, and phones with very nice interfaces.

Especially, New Living Publishing House offers you late payment. You can download any book for your study first. You can pay later when you can afford the payment; otherwise, it does not matter if you cannot pay us. We sincerely thank you.

The magic of Charlie’s New Living Publishing House.

It is the third largest publisher of PDF books in Asia at present.

We offer our readers the best books on the market.

Along with a team of advisors, senior leaders, professors, leading doctors, New Living Publishing House accompanies students during their study. Students and their teachers find the truth and benefit from the learning results.

In New Living Publishing House, there is no leader. People are self-reliant with the others’ support.

Everyone stands by each other, learning and developing together. Each member of New Living publishing house is provided with equipment, computers, books, and budget  to study and work like real scientists.

Figure 7. Two friends, two photo models of New Live  publishinghlouse, are holding The knowledge economy.

2021 is a year to remember. In October 2021, Ton Phi opened New Live Publishing House, usually known as Charlie Publishing House.

Our publishing house operates in an automatic mechanism. Specifically, Ms. Huong Nguyen buys our books from Australia by entering the website, selecting the books, and completing the payment. After about 30 minutes, or 3 days at the maximum, you will receive the books delivered to your home.

Only Mr. Ton Phi could think of this method of online publishing. We were in a position where we were required to be creative. Others do not come up with any invention because they are not in a position where they are required to do so.

Charlie Publishing House was so wonderful that the director of the Department of Publishing, Printing, and Issuing of Vietnam sent an official dispatch to Saigon to congratulate Mr. Ton Phi. Just the theory can bring such a great success, we certainly will further expand this model in future.

It is not only a publishing house but also a very important website. Any author with a finding can submit it here, and we will note the author’s bank account number below the post. Wealthy people come across and purchase the author’s finding. Mr. Ton Phi acts as an intermediary, but he doesn’t care how much money the rich pay because the one-touch payment method will transfer the payment to the author after 5 seconds. Mr. Ton Phi himself is also an author, so he designed a timeless publishing house. Publisher Charlie is like a boy from the future, extremely productive and extremely creative.

Yesterday, a dean at a university visited New Living Publishing House in District 7 to ask us to help him post his book on Amazon. It took only 2 hours to complete this task. We help whoever needs support free of charge and with full dedication. A student in Can Tho who has just graduated from his university sent his work to print. It took only 20 days to receive the printout, editing the printout, and printing the final version. Obviously Charlie Publishing House is a good publisher.

Guys, I am telling my story so that you guys may try to be as creative as I am. I believe you can do even more. I am the first generation, tinkering with all steps from A to Z on my own. We will transfer technology to you, and you will surely succeed. It is said by God that the more you teach, the richer you will become. Therefore, we do not hide our secrets, we are always ready to teach you how to do.

Charlie Publishing House is a miracle story. It came in the middle of the pandemic. To be humble, let’s say, it is a gift from God.

How can we help you? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Ton Phi and Huong Giang.

Telephone hotline: 0344331741

Mailbox: (Ms. Nguyen Hanh).

Telephone hotline: 0344331741

If you are abroad, you can call us by Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp, Signal: +84344331741

If you want to contribute capital to receive dividends or to sponsor New Live publishing house:

Bank Account: 142720499- at ACB Bank – Account holder: Ton Phi. Swift Code: ASCB VNVX.

Bank Account: 0344331741- at MB Military Bank – Account holder: Ton Phi.

Paypal, Payoneer, Wise: +84344331741.

Sincerely thank you.

Figure 8.  Illustration: Father and daughter Charlie walking down the street. District 7 Saigon in 2022.


  1. My friends and I find the way of publishing and selling books of Song Moi Publishing House is too modern.


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