Is it difficult to be a scientist?

Dear friends,

I am Ton Phi from Vietnam. I am founder and owner of Charlie computer and book group.

I am a scientist, with 35 books that have been published on Amazon.

Ton Phi and an India friend.

The problem is that you do not have money to go to university, and no body buy your invention.

Don’t worry. If you like to be a scientist, you will be a scientist. Charlie will try my best to help you to be a scientist. I have donate for many sicentists inside and outside Vietnam. I help everyone to be a boss. You can not be poor.

No matter you are India or Chinese, no matter you are young or old, no matter you are high education or not, Charlie and friends will help you to be a scientist.


Phone/WhatsApp/Signal: +84344331741

See scientific profile of mr. Ton Phi here:

Scientific profile of mr.Ton Phi

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